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My Mentor Alberto

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

I could only study with Alberto for just two years because he died of lung cancer; but in that time span, he really changed my life. Alberto happened to be blind - - that is why his touch in playing the piano was so delicate and soft, and how his piano technique developed, accordingly. Before meeting Alberto, I had been rejected by the Conservatorio of Milan and I had been thinking about quitting. But when he realized I had an absolute ear, he encouraged me to continue and became my maestro. He was the Vice Director of the Conservatorio of Milan, so he took the whole thing personally. The following year, I brilliantly passed the admission exam and a year later I was confirmed at the 5th year. Alberto told me that he expected the 3rd year, but the Commission thought I could go far beyond that. I was 12 years old at the time. As excited as I was to attend the Conservatorio, his fees were high, as he was one of the best all over Europe. When he learned we could not afford the high costs, he generously reduced them, allowing me to continue my studies and master piano playing under his expert guidance. I will always be so grateful to him for his staunch belief in my abilities and unyielding encouragement for me to not give up. To this day, I miss him very much and always will, as he holds a special place in my mind and heart. It is a true and touching story, one that I will treasure a lifetime.

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