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Recording Studio


We are building a unique community of like-minded artists that can collaborate to create outstanding works and take their creative process to the next level. This is a community based place to come to when you want to create or collaborate your projects. We hold meetings every Saturday at 11:30 am - 12:30 pm eastern standard time. During those meetings, we get together and talk all things music and crypto. We don't pay people to show up to the meetings or to work on projects together, but we do help push their projects to the next level. At Cusp Productions, we believe that together we can create great wonders!

About Cusp Productions

Music can change your mood, paint your experiences and color your memories. At Cusp Productions, we believe that the right music can have a powerful influence. Established in 2000, Cusp Productions has always understood that music means different things to different people. We built our business on that exact premise, where our objective is to support musical talent worldwide; with the goal of leaving a lasting imprint on the listening audience. We pride ourselves on our ability to get the very best from every artist, which should give you ample reason to contact Cusp Productions to explore the services we offer.

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