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We are building a unique community of like-minded artists that can collaborate to create outstanding works and take their creative process to the next level. 



The Talent behind the creative process

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Fabrizio Spaggiari (aka Jazzy Fabbry) is an accomplished and amazing play by ear pianist and composer from Italy. He arranges and covers many popular songs on the piano, tapping into all genres; from classical to jazz, pop to rock, as well as music from film and anime. His original compositions are intended for movie themes,

commercials, theatrical musicals and other soundtracks. Fabrizio was born in 1970. Having an interest in learning the piano early on, he attended the Conservatorio of Milan, Italy; where his maestro was the great pianist, Alberto Mozzati. He excelled in his studies, graduating cum laude when he was 17 years old with a perfect score; also receiving special mentions – Milan and Piacenza. Fabrizio then attended the University of Milan. There he studied foreign languages and literatures in English, German and French. He graduated cum laude with a perfect score. Over the years, Fabrizio has performed classical piano solos at many concerts that were accompanied by an orchestra. At age 30, after playing years of classical music, Fabrizio leaned into jazz and began composing his own original compositions and has not stopped since. His love of piano music and the creative process are very much a driving force in his life, where he finds happiness.

    “A creative process is something that can be tamed. It overwhelms you with the power of a tsunami and takes you to unexpected places. When I feel it coming to me, I put my fingers on the keyboard and let them go. They connect my soul with my piano and make it happen.” 

Plucky Lion has a family history tied to music. His father was great friends with Jimmy Snow, Hank Snows son. Hank Snow signed the one and only Elvis Presley in 1955. It is through family ties and love of music that Plucky Lion is now an established rising artist, whom has been creating music since he was 12 years old. Born April 27, 1989, he is now 32 years old and has developed a music style similar to many other top artists, yet his songs are mixed with a sound that is very unique. Given Plucky Lion’s passion for music, curiosity and creativity, he enjoys the process of blending different music genres together.


"There are so many styles of music from Country, Pop, Rock and Rap to Alternative and Jazz, yet together they can create wonderful fusions for today's music listeners! Music has always been in my family, I believe that if people want to create great music, keep doing it, don't stop and don't be afraid to be yourself. In today’s market it's hard to sell music because of piracy, so I hope that my fans will be dedicated in supporting my music by purchasing it and subscribing to my YouTube channel and not letting it be re-uploaded. " 


United States

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