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Sumaiya Khatun
Mar 31, 2022
In Music Forum
There are also methods of measuring Whatsapp Mobile Number List response time ( response time latency , e.g., Till, Baack, and Waterman, 20), where response time is inversely proportional to strength. The longer it takes for an association to arise, the less strong the link with the brand. We have therefore developed our own benchmark: the Whatsapp Mobile Number List penetration of the association among the respondents. This means that we determine what percentage of the respondents have one or more associations in a certain category. Based on the same meta-analysis on more than 100 brands, our benchmark is as follows: if less than 5% has an association Whatsapp Mobile Number List in that category (eg 'price'), we call it late. 'Price' is mentioned so little that it is Whatsapp Mobile Number List hardly linked to the brand. Between 5% and 15% we call an association 'weak'. It is an association that could do something for the brand, but too few people have that association yet. And we call an association strong if more than 15% of the respondents have this association Whatsapp Mobile Number List with the brand.It is striking that with Johan Derksen the picture does not actually change. It remains a football analyst from Veronica Inside with a mind of its own. Although he is seen as a racist by a small part. Associations such as honesty, mustache and humor/jokes also become somewhat stronger. At Akwasi the change is very big: the second association in the Akwasi brand has become Black Lives Matter, the Whatsapp Mobile Number List strongest association after 'rapper'. It seems that BLM has had a huge impact on Whatsapp Mobile Number List the image of Akwasi, who is still a rapper, but one that is completely colored by BLM, black pete and discrimination. Furthermore, Johan Derksen comes up. Interesting, because Akwasi is not mentioned when people think of Derksen. How are these associations Whatsapp Mobile Number List loaded? We looked at the associations, but how are they loaded? And are they unique? The research clearly shows that if we look at all associations, those in Johan Derksen are slightly positively charged (score 4.3 on a 7-point scale) and strongly unique (score 5.3). Those of Akwasi are significantly negative, although not strong (score 3.7) and not significantly unique (score 4.1). We have categorized the associations in Whatsapp Mobile Number List order to take a good look at the strengths and weaknesses in the positioning of both personal brands.

Sumaiya Khatun

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