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Mim Chowdhury
Jun 18, 2022
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There is no value in discussing tools without purpose. So thought of writing about the purpose and tool selection for rapid prototyping. Let's first define the prototype. The key point here is to distinguish the three concepts of wireframe, prototype whatsapp Database and mockup. Wireframe, literally translated, is a wireframe. A sketch or schematic diagram composed of lines belongs to a wireframe. Of course, if there is a simple shadow performance or coloring, it is generally attributed to wireframe. wireframe Mockup, model, mockup is used more in industrial design, such as 1:1 car sludge whatsapp Database model. But in UI design, the concept of mockup and wireframe are sometimes not very clear. Such as balsamiq mockups, the effect of its implementation should actually belong to the level of wireframe. The following figure is the implementation effect of balsamiq mockups. balsamiq mockups Finally, the prototype, the prototype. The prototype emphasizes whatsapp Database functionality more, and it is easy to distinguish from the above two. Generally, the prototype can be interacted with. Therefore, the output draft of ps is generally not a prototype, and a webpage implemented with dw is called a prototype. The picture below is a prototype of Apple. Apple prototype whatsapp Database After searching on flicrk for a long time, I found that the prototype is difficult to express with pictures, so I found a video of the paper prototype on youtube. I've always been unfamiliar with paper prototypes, and I felt even more so after seeing them. Video address Prototypes are generally referred to as low-fidelity prototypes and high-fidelity prototypes. The paper prototype above is a low-fidelity prototype. However, if you think about it, this division method is problematic. Because fidelity has at whatsapp Database least two dimensions. Visual fidelity and interaction fidelity (how well the functionality is implemented). Another dimension is the fidelity of the content, which is also an important dimension in content products. Fidelity dimension In the above coordinate diagram, an important factor is whether whatsapp Database the technology or code can be reused. Let’s make a clear distinction here. This is not the main content of this article. Considering code reuse in rapid prototyping will bring many restrictions for no reason.
The Concept of Mockup and whatsapp Database content media

Mim Chowdhury

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