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Rupa Islan
Aug 02, 2022
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Private domain traffic is very popular, do you also want to do private domain operation? But don't know how to get users? Putting advertisements and distributing flyers, writing soft articles for new media, and organizing events to send benefits is no problem. Are they all for the purpose of gaining traffic? It’s effective. Due to the peak growth of user traffic and competition for traffic acquisition among enterprises, traffic is becoming more and more expensive, but traffic is Buy email list actually everywhere, and it can also be diverted to your private domain traffic pool in a low-cost way. Private domain drainage is the first step in private domain traffic operation. Let’s talk about it today. 1. Private domain drainage logic 1. The value of private domain drainage The private domain operation goal of most companies is transactional sales, which can be broken down into: Private domain sales = traffic * conversion rate * customer unit price * repurchase rate The scale of traffic in the private domain directly affects the revenue scale of the private domain. Draining and acquiring customers is the first step in the operation of private domain traffic. In addition to the premise of the total value of private domain users, its role value can also reduce user acquisition costs through various drainage methods, and the large-scale users brought by drainage can make full use of private domain users. Domain operation resources, providing effective feedback to improve the efficiency of private domain operations. In the private domain, there are two main ways to acquire new users and increase the scale of traffic: drainage and fission: Drainage mainly refers to attracting new users from public domain traffic and depositing them into private domain traffic pools. Generally speaking, new users who are attracted by traffic are more active, more accurate, and relatively better user quality.
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Rupa Islan

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